URICIDE Customer Reviews and Testimonials

This product really works. We had to redo a house that had been left vacant for a long period of time. Feral Cats had moved in. It was a tremendous mess. Uri-Cide took care of the cat spray and urine odor that was still very noticeable after cleaning. Also I must brag on this company’s service. They spent time on the phone with me and patiently answered all of my questions and gave me additional tips to help me get the odor problems resolved.
John M.


First off. I just wanted to say a big Thank You to Jeff for his help and courtesy. I’ve been cleaning carpets for 8 years and have tried every pet urine treatment out there. Then I saw an ad about Uricide, so I bought some. I’m here to tell you that this is the very best urine remover I have ever used. If you want the best call Uricide. They truly have a silver bullet for urine. Thank You again, Jeff.
Jimmy Noland, Owner, Clean Touch Carpet Services


“ I had a renter/tennant living in my property for 8 months with his old dog and lab. They peed and pooed on my new carpet and balcony for 8 months. The smell was blinding. I paid $1,500 to have a hazmat crew remove the carpeting and discarded many furniture pieces…the place was absolutely gross. I was heartbroken because I thought the place was destroyed. Luckily, I discovered the Uricide product with some online research and spoke to Jeff on a Saturday. He assured me that Uricide would solve my problems and IT DID!! I am so thankful for this company for helping me out of a very terrible situation. I now use Uricide for my home and outside turf. If you have pee or poo problems – I highly recommend you get Uricide!!!”
Kathy G., Mission Viejo, California 


“I have been in the carpet cleaning business for over 25 years. A large majority of our customers have wool oriental rugs that get saturated with pet urine smells, wet dog smells and saliva odors. We have a service where we pick these rugs up and bring them back to our facility for cleaning. As many of these rugs are heavily saturated with urine, we had struggled with getting the odors out of some of them. We tried countless odor products over the years – some worked better than others, but there were still times when we could not get the odors completely out. Often times, we had rugs that had to be cleaned several times to completely get rid of the odors.
Three years ago we started using Uricide and it has completely solved our problems. The Uricide gets all of the odors eliminated the first time we clean the rugs. The product works so well, all of our service guys carry it in their vans. In over 25 years in the carpet cleaning business, I have never used a product that works this well, I highly recommend it. Brian S., Virginia


I cannot say enough positive things about URICIDE Pet Odor Eliminator. I have used endless products which claim to eliminate dog urine from outdoor surfaces and that is still SAFE around children, pets and plants, unfortunately the products only covered up the smell and once it dried the urine smell would return around my patio area. I gave URICIDE a try and BOY was I AMAZED!!! Not only did it eliminate the smell it also continued to work for days saving $$$ in the long run as I used to have to go through other products on a daily basis which the expense added up. I highly recommend this product and am going to try the indoor formula as well. Terri, Akron, Ohio


“Best product ever. Best customer service from Uricide as well. I will be ordering again and again.” Sherbert M. Los Angeles, Ca.

“Just wanted to drop a line to tell how much we love Uricide. We have grass in our backyard and a beautiful Australian Cattle Dog. After the grass was installed for about 5 months, we started to notice that the yard began to smell. We tried using another ” Green ” product, but the odor would come back in just a couple days.  We did some research online and found Uricide. We tried it for the first time last weekend with fantastic results and the odor is completely gone. We loved the detailed instructions that came with the product, along with the amazing customer service that was received. We called Jeff, who walked us through the entire process step by step.  We really appreciate the above and beyond service, and would recommend Uricide to all our friends! “ Nicole H, Las Vegas


” This product works! We have approx 800 square feet of grass; 1 lab and 1 bichon/terrier mix. 1qt. covers the area well and removes the odor, and lasts longer than anything else we have tried. It is important to follow the directions for water flow…You only have to turn your hose on about 1/4 of the way on…Turning your hose on full blast will use unnecessary product and it will be wasted….You only have to apply a thin film to remove the odors.” AJ, Santa Fe, New Mexico



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