Industrial Strength Waste Odor Eliminator


275 Gallon Tote. Our Lowest Unit Price Per Gallon.  Free Shipping.


Completely eliminate waste odor with URICIDE’S industrial strength odor neutralizing formula! Using the most powerful bacteria and digestive enzymes available, URICIDE® will digest grease, fats, oils, paper, and organic matter to keep your septic tanks, sewer lines and waste water systems clean and fresh.

Our super charged, waste neutralizing formula is idea for septic tanks, Porta-Potties, black water holding tanks, dog kennels, urine contaminated alleys, zoo's, hospitals and any areas that have offensive urine smells.

Our bio-enzymatic formula is eco friendly, bio-degradable and 100% safe for the environment. You will be amazed at the odor neutralizing power of URICIDE!


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