URICIDE is a specialty manufacturer of environmentally safe pet odor removal products, developed for a wide range of domestic and commercial uses. URICIDE was born from our experience in the artifical turf industry and due to the remarkable success in that market, we have expanded our product line into hospitals, veterniary clinics, waste water treatment plants, elder care facilities, construction sites and the RV/Marine Industry.

Removing strong odors from artificial turf is one of the most difficult tasks for any cleaning product. Building on the success of our turf odor removal products, we were able to formulate a biological carpet odor elimination product capable of removing the harshest stains and odors from carpets, rugs and any synthetic materials.

Being aware of the green movement and not wanting to add toxic chemicals to our environment, URICIDE products are made from natural, bio-degradable materials that use potent strains of living bacteria. Our remarkable products mimic and harness the latent power of mother nature to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

All URICIDE® products are proudly made in the USA, providing you with eco-friendly solutions you can depend on.

URICIDE products transcend the odor elimination industry by using powerful, non-toxic materials that deliver fast, effective results. When applied as instructed on the label, Uricide will aleviate your odor problems at your home or business. We back this claim with a no questions asked, money back guarantee.

To learn more about the URICIDE line of products, Please contact us at 888.400.4810.

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