The URICIDE® Guarantee

We realize there are dozens of companies that make exaggerated claims about how well their products work.  On a weekly basis, we receive numerous emails and phone calls from disheartened cleaning companies and homeowners who have wasted a lot of money on numerous odor control products, only to have none of them work. With URICIDE, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If URICIDE® doesnt eliminate odors to your 100% satisfaction, please call us and we will issue a refund over the phone.

How Does Our Guarantee Work?

We base our guarantee on the honor system. If after applying URICIDE® you still have odor problems on your carpet or any other surface in your yard or home, simply call us and we will issue a refund over the phone. (minus shipping)

We will issue a refund, we only ask that a technician chat with you for a few minutes to get to the root of the problem.

We say this because it is impossible for URICIDE® not to work. If there are still odors after applying URICIDE®, that means there is pet urine or other organic waste that URICIDE® is not being able to come in contact with. If you call us, we can advise you on additional steps to rectify the problem. After speaking with our technician, we will issue your refund immediately.

Get a Safe and Secure Purchase with the URICIDE Guarantee.



*45 Day Money Back Guarantee
*Guarantee applies to single gallons and quarts only. Guarantee does not apply to case quantities or 275 Gallon Totes. If you are ordering in these quantities, we assume you have already tried URICIDE and know how well that it works.
*Refund does not include shipping costs.

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