Some say the ultimate test for any pet odor removal product is its capacity to neutralize cat urine odor from carpets and rugs. It’s hard to disagree. Male cats, particularly when un-neutered, can mark their territory with an extremely pungent spray of urine, which can smell almost chemical in nature, like the strong stench of ammonia. Neutralizing this cat pee odor from carpets can be difficult since even tough chemical cleaners have a limited effect on this harsh pee odor.

Thanks to the Internet, there are 101 different home-made recipes for removing cat urine stains and odors, but if you’ve already tried the majority of these without success, it may be time to employ the best carpet cleaner product for cat urine – Uricide.Before we get into the specifics of Uricide it’s worth having a quick reminder of how these products are grouped.

Organic matter = Cat Pee / Pet Stools / vomit /saliva / blood / wet dog smells

1 – Chemical-based cat urine cleaners and odor removers. These are abundant and each has a slightly different formula for attempting to neutralize pet odors. In most cases, however, the products remove the bulk of the organic waste material, but cannot remove it all. You then rely upon strong scents in the chemical cleaners to mask the odor of the remaining waste. Unfortunately, these scents deteriorate at a faster rate than the organic waste matter they’re trying to mask, so before long the smell of pet urine will once again begin to permeate from the carpet or rug. Furthermore, the harsh chemicals present in chemical-based cleaners may be harmful to pets, humans, and, ultimately, the environment, as the use and disposal of these products can contaminate air, soil, and water, placing an unwanted toll on the eco-system as a consequence.

2 – Enzyme based pet odor removal products. Enzyme odor eliminators were developed in large to offer a ‘Green’ or environmentally friendly alternative to chemical cleaners. They work to a limited extent based on the assumption that enzymes in the product will begin to break-down the organic waste matter they come into contact with, removing the waste and thus, removing the associated odor. The products are partially effective, the issue is that the enzymes are usually depleted before the organic material has been fully removed. Enzymes in this application are not self-replicating, they work on the basis of sacrificial depletion, where their presence is extinguished as they dissolve the organic waste.

3 – Bio-enzyme pet odor removal products. A truly effective approach to cat urine and pet odor elimination harnesses the power of enzymes with a biological element – microbes. Using a strain of microbes that target organic matter, the microbes feed on the organic matter, ingesting it and actually multiplying from the ‘food’ they consume, until the food supply is gone. At which point, they simply extinguish in the same manner as the enzymes in #2 above. The main difference is that they don’t stop working until ALL of the organic matter has been consumed.

Clearly this is a superior approach to pet odor elimination and the ONLY approach that works 100% effectively. Uricide is the only product on the market to harness the power of enzymes and microbes and the only product guaranteed to remove cat urine smells from carpets. Follow the directions closely on your bottle of Uricide and get your home freed from the foul smells created by your four-legged friends in a flash!

If you have any questions on how to use Uricide Pet Odor Removal products we have a useful article here and you can access our FAQ’s here.

If you operate a clinic or boarding kennel you can purchase Uricide in bulk concentrate form here. Simply add water to the recommended ratio and keep your operation free from the odors created by dogs and cats.

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