URICIDE® Odor Products has developed a powerful, living bacteria product that is 100% guaranteed to remove pet odors and stains on all surfaces.

“Most odor elimination products are enzyme based, and can only eliminate part of the odor problem,” says URICIDE® Manager Jeff Thompson. “These inferior products are more susceptible to the elements and will deteriorate quickly from heat, humidity, and certain surface conditions. Once an enzyme is sprayed and its life cycle has started, it will only be productive for several minutes up to a few days. When this happens, the odor comes back after only a day or two.”

URICIDE® transcends the traditional way of removing odors with remarkable new technology. The company’s innovative formulas use potent strains of living bacteria to consume organic waste matter, break down solids, eliminate harmful bacteria and neutralize harsh smells.

“Enzyme-only products break down complex waste, but not simple waste,” explains Thompson. “URICIDE® uses a two-step process, in which the complex waste gets broken down first, then the bacteria go to work, breaking down the simple waste. This extra step (which most odor products are missing) is what makes URICIDE® such a superior product.”

“The inclusion of live bacteria in URICIDE® means less product is needed per application and the results will last much longer than your typical enzyme-based odor eliminator.”


URICIDE® odor-elimination products have restored harmony to the homes of pet owners all across the USA and other countries abroad. From office cleaning solutions to veterinary treatment room sanitation, to odor removal on artificial turf surfaces, URICIDE® has you covered.

While other companies attempt to tackle similar issues with the use of harsh and toxic chemicals, URICIDE® remains committed to solving common cleaning and sanitation problems by harnessing the latent forces of Mother Nature. With escalating concern over man-made environmental issues, the last thing the planet needs is for consumers to add millions of gallons of toxic waste into water systems each year. At URICIDE®, our technicians have developed potent cleaning, sanitation and odor removal products that are all 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe.

All URICIDE® products are proudly made in the USA, providing you with eco-friendly solutions you can depend on. To learn more about URICIDE®, please visit us at

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